Low Self Esteem / Confidence Prediction: 2 to 4 Sessions

People who have low self esteem or low self confidence, tend to compare themselves to others too much. They usually judge and criticise themselves quite harshly too. Often downplaying their skills and achievements to others and can find it hard to take a compliment.

If you’re suffering with low self esteem and/or low confidence, it can also make you feel like you can’t say no to people. You might lean towards being a “people pleaser” which, can lead to over promising yourself and taking on too much work. Are you a bit of a perfectionist and do you hold yourself to very high standards a lot of the time?

Here at Affinity Hypnotherapy we want to help you become more comfortable and accepting of yourself. We want to work with you so you can overcome the difficulties that come with having low confidence. Our aim isn’t to instil a high confidence, we want to find the balance that is just right for you. We will ask you questions like, how is it that you do your self assessment? Do you use only internal factors or do you take on board external information too? Do you feel like you’re being constantly judged by others? How do you handle conflict, do you tend to avoid it at all costs?

We will work with you to discover your pattern of thoughts, feelings and actions. Together, we then make a treatment plan that will help disrupt the pattern that runs your low self confidence. Hypnotherapy can be a really effective and sometimes speedy solution for anyone with Low Self Esteem or Low Confidence. It is a well established treatment optionĀ Contact us today, so we can help to enjoy the rest of your tomorrow’s.



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