Teenage Issues Prediction: 2 – 6 sessions

Do you have a Teenager who is struggling? Are they stressed about exams or finding it hard to be themselves? Being a teenager is not easy for some. It can be a difficult few years of transition, going from being a child to a young adult. Affinity Hypnotherapy is here to help them through it.

The use of technology and in particular social media (Facebook, Instagram and now Tik Tok etc), has just exploded over the past few years. It is something no other generation has experienced. As a result, cyber bullying is increasing and becoming a very common real life problem. It is something that can be particularly nasty and hateful which can cause a lot of distress to our Teenagers.

Society as a whole has become more focused on “celebrities” as they have instant access to them, via social media and the internet in general. This can lead Teenagers (and often adults too) into a sense of idolising certain celebrities, and then begin to compare themselves to them. This can cause body issues, low self esteem / confidence and place unrealistic expectations on them. It’s no wonder that some people begin to struggle in their day to day life, under such social and personal pressures.


Having a third party to help address these and many other Teen issues can be a great idea. Hypnotherapy can help a Teenager to make the distinction, between the thoughts and feelings that are useful and effective and one’s that aren’t. And more importantly, teach them how to not pay attention to the one’s that aren’t doing them any good. A lot of Teens do not have this mechanism and this can lead to them to being overly self critical. Let us help your Teen today.

Study on the “Why’s, How’s and Efficacy” of Hypnosis for Teenagers

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